First German 2015 crop circles

Germany crop circle

Here’s the latest crop circle report from Gropiusstadt, a locality within the Berlin borough in Germany. This formation was found on 18th May 2015

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UFO Alien Abduction Case: Still Bothers Travis Walton

Tavis Walton

The most prolific abduction case in the history of ufology is the kidnapping case of Travis Walton, which happened more than 35 years ago. His disappearance has caused a hurricane of news controversy, reports, and skepticism. Throughout his entire adult life, Walton carried the emotional burden and the incident, for the most part, is his solo journey. Of course, there is no concrete evidence that an extraterrestrial spacecraft has abducted anyone. But it is beyond one’s control if one person claims that he or she has been kidnapped.

The Abduction Incident

The event began on November 5, 1975, Walton at 22 years old. He was employed by Mike Rogers, who had a contract for nine years with the United States Forest Service. Walton and Rogers were best friends. On November 5, after 6 p.m. Rogers and his crew said they saw a huge golden disc soaring above a shining and clearing brightly. The men in truck reported that Walton was below when the disc-shaped object began making noises. Walton rose his foot into the air, with his extremities outstretched. The 1978 book entitled “The Walton Experience,” Walton told his extraordinary experience. The book became a film in 1993 entitled “Fire In The Sky.”

The Abduction Details

He revealed his terrifying experience when “non-human” beings abducted him, and his fear and suffocation feelings have unfolded. He claimed that he saw the face of the non-human creature, which are smaller than people, which is hard to control. He even concluded that the size might be the reason they have given up.

Walton was declared missing for five days, and during that time, his co-loggers buddies have faced foul play suspicions. When Walton came back without knowing how long he stayed in the alien’s life, there were loads of intense investigation, including multiple physical, psychological and polygraph tests. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, Walton will be speaking in Arizona at the November Skyfire Summit.

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UFOs Sweden

Check out this new video of a double UFO activity in the sky above Ystad in Sweden. This happened on 19th May 2015.

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Norway’s Hessdalen Valley: Where UFO Mania Meets

Norwegian ufo

Hessdalen is a village and a long valley in Norway. It isn’t just a pristine community, but it is also known for its occasional occurrences of luminous phenomena known as the Hessdalen Phenomenon, which are the strange, hovering and flashing series of lights. The glowing orbs appear to be as large as cars, that’s why they have drawn attention from most ufologists. They are moving very slowly and was seen separating, but reforming later on. They also winked in and out. In most cases, they shoot down the valley and disappear. In the human eye’s point of view, you may see them, but will vanish later on.

The Extreme Flashing

When the strange light appeared in 1980s, it attracted to physicists. In December 1981, the hovering lights shone brighter. Residents took the notice, and the press descended as well. The occurrence of strange balls of light soaring over a valley in central Norway has mystified scientists and spectators across Europe for years. Ivar Kvaal, the Norwegian photographer, tells TIME that he has also met oddball fanatic. The case has been divided. But most villagers are honest and sane.

The Debatable Statements

However, scientists think that the unusual lights could be a natural ‘battery’ that was deeply buried underground, created by metallic minerals. As reacted with a sulfurous river that run through it. These occurrences have paved the way for theories to flourish. In the atmosphere, the light came from the ionized gasses in ball lightning, decaying radon or the atmosphere. It was the earth acting like a giant battery. While others believe these are aliens, there are those that believed it is a result from tapped clean energy. But where does this charge to energize plasma originated? It may be extraterrestrial.

The science was certainly not definitive, but the facts so far are incredibly intriguing.

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UFO activity over Florida 15-May-2015

UFOs Florida

Here’s one interesting footage of a bright unidentified flying object or orbs making maneuvers in the daytime sky above Florida. This was taken on 15th May 2015.

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UFO Sighting 1955: Disc-Shaped Seen By Senator Richard Russell In The USSR

Senator Richard Russell and US president Richard Nixon

Senator Richard Russell and US president Richard Nixon

A lot of people know sighting reports about UFOs – a strange object that flies through the air. But not only through the air. U.S. Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr., the Armed Services Committee chairman has spotted a mysterious disc-shaped object taking off from near the tracks when he was on a Soviet. Afterwards, he hastily called his interpreter and military aide to the window and saw the mystifying UFO, and on the minute later, another one has appeared.

The UFO Scene

On October 4, 1955, just after 7 P.M, while on a train, the senator gazed out a window to the south. To his amazement, his eyes focused on a huge disc-shaped object ascending slowly as a flame shot from underneath it. Then, the object raced north in front of the train across the tracks. The first one ascended vertically, at a slow speed, with its outer surface slowly revolving to the right, at an altitude of 6000 feet. The second flying disc has performed the same action. Russell dashed to alert his 2 companions, who looked out to see the second disc. As soon as they were out of Russia, the astounded trio reported the sightings to the U.S. Air Force, but the U.S. government has made the UFO sightings in secret for about thirty years.

Why Government Keep it a Secret?

This is not conclusive, but the reason why the government wanted secrecy behind Ultradimensional and Extraterrestrial Aliens in contact with humans is because of POWER.  Yes, it’s the power and control over others.

According to Maccabee, the long confidential documents are of paramount importance since they show off for the first time in one of the most powerful U.S. Senators who witnessed and reported a UFO sighting. In a report, Col. Hathaway emphasized that the flying disc was his first UFO sighting.

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Nick Redfern on the Roswell Alien Slides

nick redfern

Nick Redfern is a paranormal writer and investigator. In this recent interview, Nick shares his personal experience with the promoters of old slides they believe may depict an alien. He also talks about some of his history and what is in store for him in the future.

Read more:

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UFO’s Odd Tale ‘Not Made By Man’ Hovering Over Chile

Chile UFO

Despite the reports made by hundreds of people, UFO has still received numerous negative reactions. While there are people who do not believe in external forces, there are those who strongly believe that the phenomenon exists based on the asseveration made by the pilot, (military or civil), radar controllers and ground traffic. Believers may lack knowledge about its nature or origin, but they did not question the existence of UFOs. The lack of knowledge is the cause why experts continue to investigate with the hope of finding answers to their questions.

The UFO story declared as “not made by man” by CEFAA, the official government organization of Chile that studies UFOs, is dissected at Huffington Post by Lee Speigel. According to Kean, the study concludes that the object may be qualified as UFO because it is a phenomenon or object of great interest. So, how the organizations misinterpreted the CEFAA’s investigations?

According to some news accounts, that claim comes from a famous Chilean government who funded UFO research group. If one quote is true, then UFO researchers might have been impatiently awaiting to see the proof of extraterrestrial visitation. Unfortunately, you will be disappointed.

Chiel UFOIn April 2013, the story unfolds when 2 photos of an unusual disc-shaped object over northern Chile has emerged. As the UFO remained in the sky for one hour, eyewitnesses watched it moving and hovering around. According to the Ireland and UK edition of Yahoo! News, the CEFAA has ruled the object is not any known object made by man or some or weather phenomenon. According to Jose Lay, they do not pay attention to the press articles on this matter.

It started when the images were sent to CEFAA for examination. Lay told HuffPost best-selling author and blogger Leslie Kean that the UFO could not have been a drone operating in the mine area. The officials ruled out experimental planes, aircraft, weather balloons and some others that could explain the incident. So the study concludes that an object can be qualified as a UFO.

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Patent Exposed: The Flying Saucer of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla flying saucer

At the end of the 19th century, the most distinguished engineers and scientists declared that no known combination of locomotion and materials could be assembled into a practical flying machine. Fifty years later, it was declared that rocket ship cannot reach the moon, until Nikola Tesla came into the picture. Nikola Tesla is a futurist man who was described as one of the most incredible yet forgotten inventor. Tesla has been recognized for the development of technology that we ignored today. Having a brilliant mind, he probed into the world of antigravity and flight. He sees the world to have a wireless and free source of power. He described his power generator as the simplest kind – big mass of copper, aluminium and steel comprising a rotating and stationary part. Nikola Tesla’s technological breakthroughs and inventions are so advanced.

There is a recent report by Rise Earth regarding the interesting patent which Tesla submitted, entitled “The World’s First Flying Saucer” with a pictorial design alongside. The post appears like an illustration of a UFO you usually see in the film by Steven Spielberg. The most striking part is the fact that the patent was filed one hundred years ago.

Nikola Tesla is one mysterious and innovative man who ever lived. If he hadn’t researched and invented, technology is not as good as today. Aside from having a brilliant mind, his peculiar aircraft called “the world’s first flying saucer” have matched the description of UFOs, which has a discoidal capacitor in order to provide thrust to fly, and on the other part is a small capacitor to control the flying saucer’s direction.

Nikola Tesla was the true inventor of fluorescent light, radio, and the man who gave the world to the electric grid, he is barely remembered because he kept on selling his patents to Edison, J.P. Morgan and Westinghouse to pay for his research on wireless power, gravity control and the aether. Later, he was broke. The lack of funds has led the abandonment of his developments.


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Extraterrestrial Found in Russian Lab – Alien or Human?

Russian lab alien

Police have unravelled the mystery of the mummified remains of babies found in Russian lab reported by shocked citizens. The body type was believed to be more like a mystifying alien look than a human. The head is like a tiny-onion-shaped, slanting huge catlike eyes occupying a huge part on its face. Perhaps creating hybrids, both human DNA and half alien, was the objective of Russian lab. The purpose is to possibly create an advanced intelligence in humans.

In Western Siberia, there have been human organs and bones left scattered around the neglected facility, and officers have probed into its hideous discovery. On the bodies of the babies, they were visible scars. According to Siberian Times, the scars show that surgical procedures have been carried out to the babies.

Uncovering the True Mystery

The gruesome facility was stumbled across by Georgy Grigorchuk, a medical college student who saw a building with open doors. He saw glass jars containing human bones, organs, and the remains of babies with scars. Among the debris found in the neglected building were the slides used for files, blood tests, and surgical books dated January 2012. As he wandered around the building, he also found documents outlining medical histories, post-mortem procedures and personal details of all the patients, and empty morgue. It was believed that the facility was abandoned when the pathology lab was moved to a new building, but what was left behind is much of a concern. It was not known whether the dead children identified in this medical records were known to their parents.

Georgy Grigorchuk recalled that the place was already mentioned by other medical students. In fact, it was interesting for every medical students to learn about the abandoned things. Since his discovery, the lab’s door has been vandalized, but nothing has taken away. The authorities in Tobolsk are now examining the circumstances of the abandoned facility.

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