Unidentified flying object over Estero, Florida 29-Mar-2015

 Florida UFO

Here’s one interesting UFO video filmed over Estero in Florida. This one was taken on Sunday, 29th March 2015.

Witness report: Sitting on my couch as i looked out my patio window and i spotted this red ball going up and down. As i walked out onto my patio to observe, it stopped moving was hovering over my home. It was round and red. . 

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UFO retrospective: Crop Circle documentary with UFO eye witness accounts

UK crop circles

1992 UK Crop Circle documentary with fascinating eye-witness accounts. Starting from the Waggon and Horses and ending up well and truly in the field.

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Report UFO sighting #199

Report UFO sightings
Your UFO reports: 21st March – 28th March 2015
Did you see a UFO? Report it using this form or send us e-mail to report@latest-ufo-sightings.net !
Argentina – 28-3-2015 20:29
03/28/2015 20: 29 Parallel Training UFO over Buenos Aires
About the Southern Cross “(RA: 12.09 DEC: – 60.94) in the zenith is I began to notice a great Flare with high brightness that area
in the sky above the star Acrux (Mag 0.9) is
Parallel Training saw the strange UFO (UFO Lenticular) began a slow shift toward the south. “already previously observed in Heaven were coming from the capital of Argentina, busy with
unusual apparition and posterior displacement at very high speeds, other elements unidentifiable rather than as
Foo Fighter (according to Ufology) previous days 27 also were observed and recorded these very fast orbit that “are not very luminous magnitude but If an abnormal behavior of
high speed. The Parallel Training documented and reported here are I note in all possible
lists of different magnitudes in Heaven Abobe, but was unsuccessful because not appeared Information, and extreme light magnitude of the event, nor were there Iriduim steps, Nor
the ISS. At day 29 March abnormal activity, active continuous on end, with dozens of records
achieved in just half an hour about “two orbitals at 20:15 very bright, generated displacements on “Orion” and a pointed curve in around “Tres Marias “yet to collate
meticulously, only one of them could be identified as the satellite” Lacrose 5 “but the other Orbital that opened high bright could not be identified” apparently the days 27,28 and
29 March 2015 show a peak in UFO activity. The record of achievement Parallel Training infrared Dhi8 with Sony trv310 , here are the first pictures and video. Best gretings friend of L.U.S Ricardo E D’angelo    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4MUTEM2FD4
- – – – -
Farmingdale, NY. 11735 – 3/29/15
two reflective objects circling in the sky over my backyard at airplane height moving fast coming within close proximity to one another & quickly disappeared.
- – – – -
Detroit, MI – 3/29/15
Saw a triangle shaped object with lights under it flying lowly over I 75 North near the M 10 exit. It went one direction then backwards and then back north.
- – – – -
Granbury Tx , pearl st looking N.by N.E. – Saturday March 28th 3:55 ish am
At first I thought it might be a falling star but it actually grew in size and intensity ( brighter) then it kind of shattered into pieces of light or fire bits and fell from my sight . It was very, very bright and fiery. Almost like a firework of sorts but definitely not a firework.
the whole sighting was about 4 to 7 seconds and I only had a narrow field of sight. So sorry I didn’t get and footage . Just curious if anyone else msaw the same thing.
- – – – -
Taman Sinar Baru, Damai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia – 28 March 2015
Today just now at 7:28pm in Malaysia time. I saw a bright light exactly like a star without splashing I mean without flashing & fly very smooth & slowly too without  any sound engine right far away above beyond the sky farther than where an aeroplane used to fly on the border & its light was yellow bright like light bulb flew above me at my resident at Taman Sinar Baru from the west to the east  flying towards the jesselton apartment. This must be UFO.
But I do not have enough GB to capture using my iPhone 5s so sorry for that.
This object I saw is only one object. or could it be a fiery flying serpent as read from google?
- – – – -
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada – march 25 2015
At around 3:30 am I was outside having a smoke and the sky was clear I always watch the stars when I smoke in the middle of the night. I glanced down for a second and I heard a kind of squeaking noise and when I looked back up I saw about 100 feet or less above me a triangular object quite large compared to the stars it was very dark and it had 3 circular very dim lights one on each angle of the object. it moved fast and flew over the house and it was gone. It had to have been moving fast cause I only saw it for 3- 4 seconds. I got up and ran inside to my fiance to tell him and I was in tears , not sure if I was scared or excited that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I always believed in ufos but have always wanted to see one. I sat outside again for half hour and never saw it again. Thanks
- – – – -
Concord, CA – 3/25/15
3:35 PM. Northbound on Hwy 680 in Concord, CA. Observed silver, oval object to the N.E. About 20 degrees above horizon. Distance unknown. Visibility was about 20 miles. High cirrus clouds. Object was rotating or turning. Thought it was an airplane banking, but don’t know many planes with perfectly oval wings. As the oval appeared to rotate it became thinner and finally disappeared. It did not reappear.
- – – – -
Cape Girardeau, MO – March 11, 2015
I was out filming objects in the sky with my night vision camera.
Something came into my peripheral vision and I looked and saw a bright spherical object.  I got it in frame as soon as I could and tracked it for 30 seconds or so.  It kept about the same distance away but then it seemed to turn away from me, and after a short time it was gone.  I posted it on youtube today.  Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV3gAgCTOFY
- – – – -
Highway 89 between Red Lake,mn and Bemidji,mn driving north. – 3-20-2015
ufo-photoWeird objects in the sky.My oldest took this picture.  But we also have moments to where we see UFO’s go into the lake at night.
- – – – -
Apice, Italy – 29 th july 2014
Italy UFOAt Apice, a little town near Benevento, 29 th july 2014 a family of three people was chatting at the front door. It was a wilde, nice summer evening. Suddenly, on the hill an ufo appare;  it was a bright orange oval horizontally flattened. It was completely stationary to a hundred metres in altitude; after a minute it moved, emitting white spokes and then it suddenly disappeared. At the end, while the witnesses were talking about the ufo sighting, they saw a light ball in the garden near the hause; it was moving through the vegetation few metres from the ground. It was an intermittent ball tennis size. The feared witnesses entered home and when they believed the ball had disappeared in the direction of the valley, it suddenly reappeared  closer to garden. Was it a probe released by the mother ufo? Nobody knows! The cats that were usually out wish their owners that night weren’t there. Farm animals were all dumb. An unusual silence. The zones of Apice, Benevento, San Nicola
Manfredi, San Giorgio del Sannio and all the places around are really frequented by ufos. A sighting investigated by a C.UFO.M. team, arrived there to clear the situation. It has been an important sighting. In a video on youtube on C.UFO.M.TV  at the address https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ufo+apice it has been posted a videotrailer with a lot of photos and images about sightings in that zone reconstructions and investigations in loco.
- – – – -
Cape Town, South Africa – 01-01-2013
it was just after new year fire works and ppart cloudy,on my way home the driver infront of me lookedup and he forgot to drive and thats wheni looked up, about 50 m above table mountain just above the clouds from the mountain some fire ball hit a force field just like in the movies, the size of the spreading of light gave me the idea that this invisable ufo was big football size big and no,no no it was not a peace a rock hitting the atmosphere 150m above myhead???

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Three More Witnesses Claim They Also Saw The Same UFOs

Leicestershire UFOs

A dog walker, an AA patrol officer and an off-duty police officer all saw the same two flying UFOs. A woman in her early 40s from Earl Shilton first reported about the orbs to a UFO network. She claimed to have spotted two balls of bright, white light hovering in the sky of Barwell on February 3.

The woman, who successfully captured a video footage of the UFOs through her mobile phone, was awakened by a strange sound at 4:50am.

When the woman looked outside through the window, she saw the bright objects for around a minute. She said that they merged into one and made a side to side movement before shooting off at tremendous speed.

Joanne Kavanagh of the Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network (Lufoin) said they ruled out air ambulance, police helicopter or anything low flying man-made object as the possible explanations of the two aerial objects.

Investigators requested other witnesses to come forward. Days later, the group managed to speak with a Hinckley man from the Hollycroft estate. This man said that he also saw two large illuminated spheres crossing his view above the sky when he was walking his dog around 5am along Roston Drive.

He said that the objects were completely silent at approximately a thousand feet from the ground. Just like what the woman witness had claimed, he also saw the object for around a minute and said that they were heading towards Nuneaton.

When he saw the video of the first witness, he said that the ones he saw looked similar of the UFOs in the footage.

Another witness, an AA patrol officer, came forward saying he also spotted the same objects moving from one place to another and back again across the road without a sound. He continued to observe it flying away from his position, towards Earl Shilton.

The last witness to come out was an off-duty police officer who said that the objects did not resemble any known aircraft.

The officer claimed that he observed them for approximately a minute as they floated in silence over the Barwell area.

Joanne said that their investigation was very exciting as they ruled out a lot of possibilities. They’re hoping that more witnesses will come forward so that they can gather more evidence.

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Sphere Of Light Sighting Video Over Central Coast Baffles Witnesses and Experts

Mexico UFOs

A brief sighting in the sky left teenager Josh Elton and his family in Gorokan in the Central Coast baffled. According to 15-year-old Josh, they were just sitting on the lounge at around 7:30 last Thursday night when he and his younger brother saw what they initially thought a plane flying very low.

Josh said that the mysterious aerial object was swerving all around as Josh and his family looked out to San Remo. Josh thought that it was going to crash.

His mother thought it might have been a meteor, but no news something about it hitting the Central Coast.

Josh managed to get his iPad and used it to get a video of their encounter. He captured a 12-second video of the UFO.

Josh said that his friends and neighbours were equally stumped to the spherical, luminous object when he showed the brief video to them.

UFO sightings expert Dominic McNamara took a closer look at the video. McNamara, a senior member of the UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia, said that flashing lights regularly appear at a slower frequency, but sometimes appear to be a revolving object.

McNamara said that the UFO seems to change course slightly toward the left camera as it about to disappear. He was basing his analysis on vector diagram and measurement.

McNamara concluded that it was impossible to identify the object and no other report about it. He is planning to examine the video further. He also revealed that they are trying to search for other accounts in the area.

The last UFO sighting reported from the Central Coast happened in July 2013 when a hobby photographer Drew Ryan snapped images and extensive video footage of a large UFO above Empire Bay.


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MOD helicopter chases four UFOs?

MOF ufo

A family in England claims they observed a Ministry of Defense helicopter chasing four UFOs. And the search for intelligent extraterrestrials gets an upgrade. These and other space and UFO stories on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed on this episode:
Mysterious flash in Russia caused by UFO?
– West Midlands police respond to reports of hostile aliens
– Scholars discuss astrobiology at Library of Congress
MOD helicopter chases UFOs in England

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UFO Sighting Video In A Peruvian City

UFO Peru

A mysterious humanoid UFO was caught in a video footage maneuvering in the skies above the city of Puerto Maldonado in Peru earlier in March. Posted on March 15 by Dr. Anthony Choy, the video has since garnered a number of views.

Choy is an investigative journalist and radio producer as well as the host of Viaje a Otra Dimension radio program. He is also the Peruvian Association of Ufology’s (APU) national coordinator. He is believed to be influential in forcing the Peruvian government to release classified UFO documents.

The UFO in the video is said to be the same with the November 2010 sighting widely known as Flying Humanoid Encounter. The video, recorded by television and radio producer Cesar Rodriguez, shows a flying humanoid with apparent head, torso, arms, and legs. After 5 minutes of sighting, the unusual object simply vanished into the clouds over the city.

The South American skies have been flown by UFOs lately. Just a couple of days ago, a UFO was observed during an evening news in Columbia. Earlier in March, a flying object was caught on cam by a television crew during a TV show.

There have been many UFO sighting reports in the skies of Brazil and Argentina. The latest sightings left many baffled. Since convincing answers are yet to be given, those recent UFOs remain unidentified.

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Interesting UFO activity over Melbourne, Australia – March 2015

Melbourne UFOs

Here’s one interesting compilation of the recemt UFO sightings caught on tape by Youtube user UFO ‘Lou’s Channel. All of these were filmed over Melbourne, Australia with night vision camera.

Note: Check out the one at 2 minutes!

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UK Ministry of Defence Helicopter Chases UFOs Above English Town

MOD ufos

A family witnessed four UFOs during a barbecue activity outdoor. Interestingly, a Ministry of Defence helicopter also became part of the scene when it appeared to chase these mysterious aerial objects in the skies above the English town of Bolton.

Andrea Finney, who was with her husband Nigel and their son, first noticed the UFOs in the sky. She alerted her family about them and asked her husband to grab a camera. Nigel managed to snap a few photos of the unusual aerial activity. But only one photo made available online.

Furthermore, only one UFO in a distance seems to appear in the picture. Nigel explained that the camera he was using doesn’t have a good zoom feature, but no explanation as to why only one UFO was captured in the photograph.

The witnesses assert that after the UFOs had zoomed off, they noticed an MOD helicopter pursuing these strange aerial things.

Nigel said that they could not explain the aerial activity. He ruled out hot air balloons, Chinese lanterns and any known aircraft.

Andrea added that they were the strangest aerial objects she had seen in her entire life. She was just gobsmacked.

It’s not clear on what day and time the sighting happened, but it definitely startled the witnesses.

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UFO activity over Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 24-Mar-2015

Brazil UFOs

 This interesting video of a bright unidentified flying objects flying across the night sky above a Rio de Janeiro a Brazil.

What do you think this is? This paranormal phenomena happened on 24th March 2015.

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