Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2014

 UFO videos 2014
Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2014 by

9th September 2014; UFOs descending into the sea – Baltic Sea, Poland

11th September 2014; lights in the sky – Leon Guanajuato, Mexico

12th September 2014; bright objects in the sky – Normandy, France

12th September 2014; lights in the sky – California & Oregon

16th September 2014; UFOs filmed from a plane – Cardiff, UK

21st September 2014; unidentified flying objects – Fortaleza, Brazil

22nd September 2014; UFO making maneuvers – Waterford, Ireland

25th September 2014; fast UFO – Paris, France

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UFO activity caught on tape over Glendale, Arizona 8-Sep-2014

Arizona UFOs

New footage of a bright lights hovering in the sky above Glendale, a city in Maricopa County, Arizona. This was recorded on 8th September 2014.

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The MOD found more UFO files

MOD UFO files

Although the Ministry of Defence claimed it already released all of its UFO files, more have been discovered. Plus, Jason McClellan reports on the latest UFO hoax used as a publicity stunt. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed on this episode:

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Report UFO sighting #172

Report UFO sightings
Your UFO reports: 20th September – 27th September 2014
Did you see a UFO? Report it using this form or send us e-mail to !
calgary, AB, Canada – September 26th 2014
Hi. I live in calgary ab canada. I saw what i believe to be a ufo on september 26th 2014 around 7pm. It was a giant metal object that had a larger top half that appeared to be slightly scooped out and spinning very slowly around showing its metallic appearance. It was silver / grey and moved very slowly across the sky. There was no sound as it moved and in its center there appeared to be a blue “ball” on top. It disappeared behind a cloud in the middle of thr sky and was gone.
Please advise me on this as i have come up empty in search of anyone else seeing it????
Cambridge, Ontario – 9/26/2014
saw a chevron shaped very large object object pass over head about 8:30pm tonight moving south to north at a slow speed. It had about 6 to 7 lights on ea side and made no noise at all. Saw for about 30sec with 4 others including people in the park.
Santa Clara,California – Tuesday evening 9-23-14
I observed a bright starlike object in the direction of Sunnyvale. I watched this very slow drifting object for about 45 minutes. From about 8:00PM-8:40something? Object appeared to drift thruogh clouds in the night sky. Object seemed to float or drift around in the same area through out my oservation?
1954 vine dr. fairfield, ca.94533 – 9/21/14
Government jet flew over my house heading north. As  I watched it from my driveway I noticed a white round object off it’s right wing heading westish. After jet flew by object I watched it for 15 -30 seconds then it was just gone.
Sacramento, California – 09/20/2014
UFO SacramentoI have a picture of what appears to be a black star just sitting in the sky in daylight I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS THERE UNTIL the next day when I looked at my photos so to the naked eye it was cloaked and I can prove it I been watching the news and no one has reported seeing a black looking star in the sky in daylight and I am not the only witness to this my cousin and his son were outside with me when I took that picture and none of us seen that and the picture I took was by accident I had my windows tablet out so I could video the storm.

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UFO Visits Alaskan Town

Alaska UFO

Eagle River reportedly visited by a UFO when an Alaskan witness saw a ball of light UFO that seemingly moving intelligently with course correction and hovering movements. The case was reported to the Mutual UFO Network and filed in Case 60040 on witness reporting database.

On September 21, 2014 the witness was walking towards his home from his friend’s home at 1:15 AM when the object was first observed.

According to the witness’ testimony, a ball of light was very visible above a dark sky with light cloud coverage. He said that the light doesn’t have the Northern Lights shape. He initially thought of a meteor, but he observed that it never picked up speed.

The witness managed to capture five images of the object, which were submitted together with his MUFON report filed on 24 September 2014.

While the witness admitted on his report that it was tough to estimate the size of the object because of the distance, he still provided a guess wherein he believed it was the size of a car tire. The object slowly moved towards him and hovered, then changed course and gracefully left him within 10 seconds. The witness said that he was worried because he was not sure on the identity of the object and it was coming within his vicinity. He watched the object as it left.

Eagle River is a community of 22,236 people within the Municipality of Anchorage. MUFON received 2 UFO reports from Alaska in August 2014. The state has a current UFO Alert Rating of 5, the lowest among the five levels in which 1 is the highest.

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Hudson Valley Sightings, 1981-1995

Hudson Valley ufo Sightings

There is a popular misconception that UFO sightings tend to be restricted to small groups of witnesses in isolated areas, without corroboration from other sources. However, it takes only one case to smash to this long-held myth. The Hudson Valley sightings, in which an estimated 7000 witnesses saw gigantic formations of lights drift silently through the sky north of New York City, spanned more than 13 years through the 80s and early 90s. The sheer number of independent witnesses to unexplained lights and craft attests to the reality of their claims, and the consistency of their various reports compels us to take a more serious look at the UFO phenomenon, even in the face of official denial.

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Paris, France: Fast UFO caught on tape by a TV News – September 2014

UFO in Paris

This UFO sighting was submitted to me by a reader. It seems that a TV news report about the recent Air France strike shows a very fast and bright UFO over Paris, France. This was most likely taken on 25th September 2014.

What’s your thoughts about this footage? Please leave your comment below!

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UFO Sculpture To Be Placed At Rendlesham Forest

Rendlesham ufo model

Alleged UFO landing in UK will be commemorated by a UFO, which will mark the spot in one of the biggest UFO mysteries in the nation.

There were many reports in December 1980 about the phenomena in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk near a U.S. Air Force base.

A metal interpretation of a UFO has been created by the Forestry Commission to add to its trail that marks the apparent sightings.

According to the commission, the sculpture was impartial and did intend to look for answers on the mystery.

On the early hours of December 26, 1980, the Rendlesham Incident happened and lasted for three nights.

Among the witnesses of the lights were two U.S. servicemen who said that they have observed the lights outside the perimeter fence at RAF Woodbridge.

Conflicting stories and theories have been circulating in many books and internet sites since then. Some believe that it was an alien visitation, others think it was a military aircraft, and there are those who believe that it was a beam from Orfordness Lighthouse or natural phenomena.

In 2005, the Forestry Commission started to open a UFO Trail and put three logs in a clearing where witnesses claimed the landing area of the UFO. It was on the same area the UFO reportedly disappeared.

The new UFO is planned to be put in the same clearing.

Rendlesham Forest recreation manager, Nigel Turner, believes that something happened, but they respect all opinions as some believe it was something military and others think it was extraterrestrial activity.

Turner said that that the UFO trail does not only give people something to complete, but also does help in giving insight to people about their timber-growing and conversation work.

The UFO sculpture was designed by Olivia English who said that it was inspired on one of the sketches by the servicemen and other depictions of sightings in the forest.

She said that the design is primarily about finding a middle ground and remaining impartial while making an interpretation.

She further revealed that the symbols found on the side of the UFO were originally part of the trail, but they’ve recycled them to create an additional dimension. She clarified that there’s no secret code, just art.

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NEW! In Search of Aliens: The Mystery of Nazca S01E09

in search of aliens

In Search of Aliens – The Mystery of Nazca
History Channel, Season 1 Episode 9
26th September 2014

Hundreds of ancient geoglyphs depict animals, human-like figures and strange geometric designs—some so large they can only be fully viewed from the sky. Is this mysterious desert landscape evidence that Earth was visited by aliens in the distant past?

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Daytime UFO activity over Seattle, Washington 23-Sep-2014

UFO Seattle

Interesting daytime activity in the sky above Seattle in Washington. This strange UFO or orb was filmed on 23rd September 2014.

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