Odd object flying in the sky and changing directions over Niagara Falls, Canada 28-Aug-2014

niagara falls object

Video of a new sighting of a bright object flying over Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. This was taken on 26th August 2014

Witness report: Odd object flying in the sky and changing directions.
I was having a cigarette break at work outside the store and talking with a customer when we saw this and recorded a bit on my cell. Just saw this object in the sky. It looked odd because it changed directions and looked like something was flipping around it. It ended up disappearing.

Author (source: MUFON)

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Series of Crop Circle Appearances In Totnes and Dartington

crop circles

A series of crop circles recently appeared in fields across Totness and Dartington. In South Devon, five circles mysteriously appeared in three neighbouring farms, which was the first time since the 1990s.

A farmer resident in Totnes reported a crop circle on July 18. It was around 25 feet in diameter, which can be seen from the A381 Totnes to Newton Abbot Road and from Paignton to Bridgetown Hill A385.

On July 28, the next three crop circles were reported in Dartington. Two of them measured 15 feet and one measured 25 feet at the opposite end.

UFO researcher Abbie Dent, who has studied the growth of crops, said they discovered anomalies in some crop circle formations, such as the crop was bent down in a manner not possible with stomping board and presence strong energies on and around the circles.

The fifth crop circle appeared on a private Plymouth field, also measuring 25 feet in diameter. Abbie said that they detected several anomalies, but would like to investigate further before jumping to any conclusions on the formation’s identity.

Abbie said that they would like to know the behaviour of the plant with the damage and detect if the plant has alchemical changes, which have been found in some mysterious formations.

There’s no scientific evidence yet to explain how “non-manmade formations” were formed. One theory is that the circles were formed by a plasma vortex of unknown origin, spiralling to the ground from the sky. However, solid explanation is yet to be determined.

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NEW! Latest UFO Sightings FORUM!

lufosHi there!

I’m currently developing a forum for Latest UFO Sightings. You’re all invited to go here: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/forum/ – register, test it, open your topics, share your thoughts and join the conversation.

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Bright UFOs flying over Liverpool, UK – 17-Aug-2014

Liverpool UFO

This interesting UFO video was recorded in the sky above Liverpool in UK on 17th August 2014.

More info in the Youtube vide below!

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Possible underground UFO base In Kongka La Pass, Himalayas

underground UFO base

Speculations on underground UFO base have been all over the Kongka La Pass, Himalayas. The area is a disputed territory between India and China, the reason why it is one of the least accessed place on Earth. Many locals from both sides believe on the existence of the underground UFO base on the territory, which is believed to be known by both countries. Some Chinese and Indian people near the area also report spotting common UFO sightings that involve mysterious objects out from the ground. Many tourists have been attempting to enter this region, but they were denied by Chinese guard posts and Indian border patrol even with their permit to travel between the two countries.

Recently, a UFO sighting report came out from some Hindu pilgrims saying that they spotted unusual glowing triangular objects in the sky when they were on the way to Mount Kailash from the western side. Local guides say that unusual lights are a common phenomenon in Kongka Pass area, which is the disputed and tensed border region of China and India. Triangular objects have been reported to show up from underground and move in an almost vertical direction. The area is not being patrolled by both countries as part of their agreement.

There have been speculations that the main UFO base is located in Soda Plain and the inhabitants use the Karakosh, the largest river in Aksai Chin. The maximum UFO cluster formations were reported to take place in Aksai Chin Lake area. This part of the world has crust that is twice as thick as in other places, which increases rumors about underground bases that are very deep into the tectonic plates.

In the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh, a UFO sighting was reported in 2004 by a team of geologists and glaciologists who were performing an expedition led by Dr. Anil Kulkarni of Space Applications Centre at Ahmedabad. The team managed to capture in film a robot-like figure standing four feet tall that walked along the mountain ridge, then moved vertically before it disappeared up above.

Between 1st of August and 15th of October 2012, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force and Indian Army have noticed UFOs in Ladakh region of Kashmir and Jammu. The police force reported more than 100 sightings of bright objects.

In September 2012, the Indian Army saw a 160 km-long, ribbon-shaped object above Pangong Lake, which borders between China and India. The army brought their mobile ground-based radar near the object and also their spectrum analyzer. While the object was seen by naked eyes, the radar failed to detect it, which made the army conclude that it was non-metallic. Furthermore, their spectrum analyzer could not detect any signals. The army also tried to flew a reconnaissance drone to the floating object but lost sight of the mysterious object when drone reached its limit in altitude.

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Latest crop circle reports from UK

UK crop circles

Video compilation of the latest crop circle reports from United Kingdom.

  • August 16; Nettle Hill near Ansty, Warwickshire
  • August 22; Ackling Dyke, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
  • August 24; Ironwell Lane near Stroud Green, Essex

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Mysterious Light Anomaly Witnessed Over Ocean Isle Sky In North Carolina

ocean isle ufos

The anomaly in the sky over Oean Isle Beach has caused intrigued among locals this weekend. A tourist on Ocean Isle Beach witnessed the mysterious aerial activity featuring strange lights that shot up and did a half circle maneuver. Vacationer Woozy Dell, who spent a weekend get-away in the beautiful island, saw another one appearing.

She saw a series of dots across the sky, seemed to be glowing orb, displayed several changes in color and multiplied in number.

Dell said that she saw 2 lights before another one appeared and then she started counting when the 4th one came. She was then wondering what she just saw. The color of the lights were orange, red and white.

Dell saw the entire strange activity late Saturday night, which lasted around 17 minutes. Dell said that she won’t forget what she witnessed that night because the lights were so strange.

She revealed that someone sent an email who claimed to have also seen the mysterious lights in the Wrightsville Beach sky, but no one can tell what they were.

Dell said that she went out the next night looking for the same lights to appear but to no avail.

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Multiple unidentified flying objects flying over Melbourne, Australia – August 2014

Melbourne UFOs

New compilation of a multiple UFO sightings caught on tape over Melbourne in Australia. All these were recorded with a P8079HP & VARO Night vision tube.

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1966 Westall UFO was a research balloon?

Westall UFO

New research has some believing that the 1966 Westall UFO was actually a rogue research balloon. That, and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed on this episode:

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Report UFO sighting #168

Report UFO sightings
Your UFO reports: 16th August -  23rd August 2014
Did you see a UFO? Report it using this form or send us e-mail to report@latest-ufo-sightings.net !
Westleigh Sydney Australia – 24/8/14
For last week many hundreds of orbs high in sky, flying, stationary, turning, going in circles, forming rods, shadowing planes, hiding in clouds,flying in formation as well, every night & day since 13/8/14. Conditions overcast & rain & sunlit. Orbs are like stars at night but bright lights at day. Orbs move with reason avoiding other orbs & flying in unison. Cannot understand why this is not reported mainstream. Camera cant take pictures because of low light or distance.
Verified by family.
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Otter Lake, quebec canada – Aug. 23,2014
12:04 am I saw a weird flashing light in the sky. When I studied it for a while longer, I noticed that it was flashing 3 different colors. In a triangular shape. At 12:17 am it disappeared. Nowhere in sight. It also moved around a little in different directions. No joke, I’m freaking out! My phone sucks at taking pictures and when I tried all I got was a shadowy static looking picture.
A. Presley
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Sacramento CA – 8/21/2014
There was a bright yellow orb flying overhead flying straight over me and my husband and my roommate. It then got bright yellow, started to fade, turned red, and disappeard. It was the absolute craziest thing I have ever seen in my life, it made no sound, wasn’t blinking. It was just a bright orb. #iwanttobelieve
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Sky SW of Gaston, Oregon…..35 degrees above horizon – 08-18-2014 0400 hours
I have noticed on a regular basis for the past 3 weeks, a very bright “strobe” flash in the sky. The strange thing is it moves across the sky and flashes irregulary, NOT like a Jet Airliner. I have seen it going North across the sky, as well as South. It did on one occasion make a directional change while going North, it made an arc turn to the East.
It is NOT a satelite, and NOT the ISS crossing over. Today’s date I was outside looking up a bit after 4am, and did notice the ISS…..it was bright and crossing the sky very clearly from the SSW to the ENE.. Off to the South side of the ISS, I noticed the SAME bright flashing strobe light… It only flashed 2x, and appeared to be following the ISS from behind and South of the ISS. WHAT is this light??? I have never heard any engine noise, and it appears to be MUCH higher than any Jet I have seen before in the air….this is all visually seen by me, NO film or pictures…. I am an amatuer Astronomer, just FYI………
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Kars Ontario Canada – Aug 18, 2014 10pm
Five slow moving objects, no specific formation. I was with my husband taking our dog for a walk down the street, no street lamps we’re in the country, we turned back and saw one huge bright object coming across the sky from behind a tree, four more lazily followed. Just as if they were cruising the neighbourhood. This lasted approx 3minutes then they turned south and slowly moved off into the southern sky. Most bizarre! Didn’t get photos as I didn’t want to miss anything, but my husband went inside to get our son, so 3 of us witnessed this.
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Hertfordshire, UK – 16/8/14
Glowing orb no noise not a lantern,intelligent movement, seen these orbs up to 10 times in various areas including London and Portugal.
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina – 16th August 2014
I saw 7 orbs of light scattered along the coastline of Wrightsville beach in the early hours of the morning on the 16th of August. I wrote a very detailed report and contacted the ufo hotline only to be shot down and told that i did not see what i saw. I am flabbergasted at the ignorant way I was treated by the National UFO society. Has anyone else experienced this treatment? I was told that this would not occur for three hours without anyone else reporting it – he said his board would light up if it were true. Well I wasn’t the only one to see it. He didn’t want to hear anything i had to say and he came off extremely arrogant and acted as if i was a fanatic – wasting his time. I can’t believe his tone and the offensive comments he said to me. If someone out there would like to hear my detailed story I would love to share it.
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Orlando Florida – 12/Aug/2014
The strangest of sky activity reported this month, a bright unidentified light appears inside a cloud directly over secret Lockheed Martin facility in Orlando Florida. I say I’ve never seen such a thing but its very very strange that it happens above one of the U.S most secret development facilities! Is this a test? A new weapon or scientific experiment? You Decide.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCUEuxTySvo


- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Dublin, Ireland – August 2014
I seen a UFO bright blue flashing green lights so far away my camera couldn’t get the picture it was over Dublin Ireland.
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Waterford, Ontario – August 2014
This thing appears over the horizon.. Out of nowhere.. Had two lights..like a cae but was 50 feet above the ground.. Came towards us than stopped ans landed in cornfield
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
N Earlestown,19mls.,E,of Liverpool. – tues.29,jul,2014,late pm.
Looking like a dim star,just E,of N,2mls.,2-3,000ft.,alt.,blows up very big,and is an alien lightship,or Rainbow Starship.See on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,SDV_0479, http://youtu.be/S7auJQRVQoQ ,or if cenored,go on channel,scroll to url.Or try,Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter,or,Google,Robert Newton ufo.Pic.,shows one,on another night.19mls.,E,of Liverpool.Sorry,cam.,has run flat.
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Los Angeles, CA – May 31st, 2014
On May 31st, 2014 I summoned and captured this entity which I titled “Conscious Colored Heart Craft”. While viewing this capture, you will notice the detail and movements which show intelligent maneuvering and consistent rotation of this “Organic Craft”  and well beyond our technology and understanding at this point. You will also notice the face located on top of this “Organic Craft / Entity” which appears to be scanning the area while it is at a consistent rotation. Below I have placed the Raw footage and the Motion Tracked footage.
Raw Footage  http://youtu.be/UaTnPv_UCcA
Motion Tracked  http://youtu.be/byC4ruBWPAs
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Las Vegas, California – April 16, 2014
I’m looking for additional feedback on this video I shot on April 16, 2014 at about 8:20 PM from my backyard.  It is not an RC hobby craft, Quadracopter or multi-rotor. The object is at least 10 to 14 miles away in the video and could be as far away as 20 miles. I know this because the very first person to comment on this video was another witness and his brother here in Las Vegas. They placed it 14 miles from my home. It flew right past my house and that is what alerted me to it. By the time I was able to jump out of my chair on the patio and start filming it the object was already in North Las Vegas. I live in the outskirts of West Las Vegas. Like I said, it is not a remote controlled flying craft. It is also being investigated by MUFON.
Youtube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRnDjHvQYIE
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