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The 2014 MUFON UFO Symposium


The 2014 Mutual UFO Network Symposium gave MUFON a chance to get some business done, and present speakers who looked at the issues with the media’s coverage of the UFO topic. We interviewed several of the speakers and MUFON administrators to find out how they felt the symposium went, and to get their take on the theme of the conference.

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Most remarkable UFO sightings in July 2014

ufos july 2014
Most remarkable UFO sightings in July 2014 by

6th July 2014; bright object – Milan, Italy

7th July 2014; triangle formation – France

14th July 2014; unknown lights – Studio City, California

17th July 2014; bright light – West Kelowna, Canada

17th July 2014; unidentified flying objects – Paris, France

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The biggest surprises of the 2014 Crop Circles

2014 crop circles

2014 crop circle season in England has brought great surprises. The circles do not appear where they used to.  This amazing season is presented in the video below by Fernando Correa (Tercer Milenio).

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Latest UK crop circles

uk crop circles

Here are the latest formations found in United Kingdom:

  1. July 27; Parkers Hill Plantation near Cherington, Gloucestershire
  2. July 29; Green Street, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire
  3. July 30; Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire

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Unidentified flying object caught on tape near Area 51 – July 2014

area 51 ufo

This UFO sighting was allegedly recorded in Nevada (near Area 51) by a tourist. The witness said she was filming out of the bus windows while this strange object flew by. Filmed in late July 2014.

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Alien Abductions: The Frightening Future for Mankind

Dr David Jacobs Alien Abductions

Alien abduction is not simply an ordinary phenomenon to handle, especially when you are inside that strange picture. Professor David Jacobs is one of the experts who looks into these eerie cases for humanities’ sake.

Abductees are being tagged as delusional psychopaths that tend many people rather shy away in discussing the matter. But Professor David Jacobs claims that the alien abduction is happening for real and it involves a much sinister truth and therefore it must be sincerely and intelligently dealt to be able to understand.

Dr. David Michael Jacobs is a retired associate professor at Temple University in Pennsylvania. He has a considerably high profile in ufology and has specialized himself in the investigation and study of alien abductions. He has already authored four major publications, conducted lectures and taken part in radio and television shows concerning alien abductions, since 1975 up to present. Professor Jacobs has already investigated approximately 1100 abduction cases and interviewed over 150 witnesses of the fourth kind. Studying alien abductions is already a great part of his life, and his research has leaded him to come up with incredible, but shocking conclusion.

Abductees have an unusual experience with the fourth kind, all with two to four hours of their time they could not recall. Experiences are only unlocked through hypnosis, and this procedure is where Dr. Jacobs gets his most startling findings.

Dr. Jacobs’s numerous patients told him that aliens are conducting medical-like procedures on them like taking male’s sperm and extracting female’s eggs. Some also recall being impregnated with alien fetuses and nursing alien infants. Jacobs categorized these procedures as physical, reproductive, and mental procedures. The method starts where alien gaze very closely at an abductee’s eyes or even touch an abductee’s forehead to examine the host. Grey aliens are the typical alien race associated with these types of body-snatching, said Professor Jacobs.

Abductees are sometimes taken in groups. A group of strangers or friends and sometimes a whole family and when the hosts return to their consciousness, strange marks, injuries and scars that formed overnight are identified in their body, a biological impossibility that Dr. Jacobs had seen with his eyes. Until today, questions why aliens perform laboratory-like procedures to their human hosts remain unanswered, but Dr. Jacobs has his inconvenient truth for that matter, and his side of the truth is not that pleasant.

Ufologist John E. Mack presents a positivist point of view where he describes extraterrestrials as a friendly race that helps us humans in our evolution. Meanwhile, this is in contradiction with the hypothesis of Dr. David Jacobs on alien abductions.

He strongly claims that aliens are interbreeding with humans through the execution of reproductive experiments; use the human body as a medium to make hybrids and exploit the human species to another alien species.

This implication is what Professor David Jacobs fear the most for the human species. Humans used as hosts for hybrid aliens, the exploitation of human genetics and use the human population for other equally horrifying things as being invoked as a human laboratory guinea-pig.

Professor Jacobs believes that there are alien species that intent for inter-planetary dominion and we humans are denying that fact and replacing it with hopes that aliens might someday turn out to be friendly but why aliens conduct experiment on humans is something that we still do not know.

If you believe that aliens are friends, Dr. David Jacobs still has more evidence that will prove your idea wrong.

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Flying saucer caught on tape over New York – April 2014

flying saucer over new york

Melvin Harris from New York is constantly recording amazing UFO videos. On 27th April 2014 he caught this interesting flying saucer:

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The astronaut Leroy Chiao encounter with a UFO

astronauts and ufos

Shocking statement released by the Chinese-American astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station, Leroy Chiao.

While he was installing a navigation antennas outside of the ISS, he saw 5 lights that formed a V-shaped formation and were apparently very close.

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Fast orbs filmed over Berkshire, UK 29-Jul-2014


New footage of a daytime UFO sighting filmed in the sky above Berkshire, United Kingdom. This was taken on Tuesday, 29th July 2014.

Witness report: Three ‘orbs’ fly above cloud level over Berkshire, appearing within just 45 seconds of each other.
Ist orb appear top right of screen at 3.03, second travels down from top centre through clearing in clouds at 0.12 whilst final one travels from left to bottom centre between gap in clouds a few second before the end of this video.
Footage captured on a Nikon P300 facing directly up at sky with 50% zoom. Footage has been enhanced in iMovie and plays at normal speed. Recorded at around 3.30pm on July 29th

Author (sutekh prime @ youtube)

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