Update On Billy Meier’s Very Vivid UFO Photographs

billy meier ufos

Billy Meier UFO had been considered as a cold case for so long, but it seems that’s not the case anymore as MUFON finds it very hot and very real.

Billy Meier captured 63 very clear photographs and a 5-minute video of the so-called Wedding Cake UFO or WCUFO in 1980 using a 35mm film.

Skeptics immediately gave explanation about the object on the photos saying that it is only a model from a garbage can lid and ornaments of Christmas tree. With the lack of technology to examine the authenticity of the UFO photos, MUFON and even Meier himself did not say anything in defense of what skeptics had been saying. The case was perceived as a cold case and just another UFO hoax.

Fast forward today, independent researcher professor Rhal Zahi brings interest in the Meier cold case by examining the DNA of the photos using professional 3-D computer modeling software, PhotoShop and actual scale models.

Zahi ruled out the theory that they are small models or special effects and concluded that they are large, unknown objects in his 74-page report.

Prof. Zahi revealed that the craft is hovering above a gravel road and the photo was taken above the object.

Michael Horn, Meier’s American representative, contacted MUFON executive director Jan Harzan to form a joint investigation of the case for the first time in 34 years. Horn said that the work of professor Zahi ruled out the charges against Meier that he hoaxed his evidence.

An update of the Billy Meier case might be announced by MUFON in its upcoming major symposium soon.

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Former Megadeth drummer films UFO over Studio City, California 14-Jul-2014

megadeth ufo

Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza films UFO from his front yard in Studio City, California. This was recorded on 14th July 2014 around 11 pm.

What do you think about this UFO video? Real or just a CGI? Please leave your comment below!

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Gigantic Hole in Siberia Creates Rumor On Crashed UFO + Update!

siberia hole

A big opening has been discovered in northern Siberia, a place already labelled by locals as “the end of the world.” Nobody can explain where it originated and how deep. It specifically appeared in Yamal peninsula and it is around 80 meters wide. The sinkhole could be the widest ever spotted and could also be one of the deepest in the world ever recorded.

The phenomenon brings different speculations, including crashed UFO, sinkhole, global warming or meteorite hitting earth.

The crater is large enough for Mi-8 helicopters to fit into it. Yamal authorities already organized their expedition that will include one expert from Cryosphere Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and two from the Center for the Study of the Artic.

They plan to examine the water, air and soil from the area along with a specialist from the Emergencies Ministry.

A meteorite is ruled out as the cause of a large hole but experts admit that it is very early to conclude about it.

Pilots working for a gas company near the gigantic hole captured a video that shows a deep tunnel structure wherein the hole is surrounded by soil.

Initially, the footage was believed to be fake but the phenomenon was proven to be real. It is believed that the hole formed about two years ago.

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This crater is around 75m deep (cca 300ft) and has an ice lake at the bottom.

Russian scientist Andrey Plekhanov said that satellite mapping immagery is showing this was formed in the last year or two and is believed to have been caused by rising temperatues in the area.

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The Legend of the Underground Reptilian city of Los Angeles

lizard people la

During the golden age of pirates and treasure hunters in the year 1800’s, maps became precious and significant to point out exactly the locations of hidden, buried and sunken valuable artifacts and wealth of magnificent proportions.

On January 29, 1934, a perfect resemblance of the Hollywood film Indiana Jones and National Treasures has surfaced along with the legend of a fearsome creature that is said to dwell the earth inside a hidden underground city in downtown Los Angeles.

lizard people

A mining engineer named G. Warren Shufelt allegedly met a wise old Hopi Indian man named “Little Chief Greenleaf” who told the story of an ancient city of the lizard people or “reptilians” as we know today. According to Little Chief, an ancient reptilian race who are highly intelligent and scientifically advanced than modern humans have taken refuge under hidden cities around the Pacific coast, one in Los Angeles and another in Mt. Shasta. Together with these ambiguous beings were mammoth quantities of treasures, gold and other valuable which lie hundreds of feet below. The busy and unsuspecting city did not know about this until Little Chief relates the story to Shufelt. That same year, Shufelt and his small crew made efforts to make a map of the underground tunnels using a “radio X-ray” and so the legend of the “lizard people” has begun.

lizardsShufelt’s started to map the ground from the public library of West Fifth Street to Southwest of Museum Drive extending to Mt. Washington in Los Angeles. The results of the mapping gave him a network of tunnels which look just like a maze going to unknown directions. The legend said that the underground dwellings were purposely built to shelter the reptilian race from a great inferno catastrophe that came from the southwest of their land which scorched everything in its path about 5000 years ago. The underground city is a means to escape another catastrophic fire in the future. The Hopi Indian said that the reptilians mastered and perfected a special chemical which can melt both soil and bedrock. This chemical was used in building an underground city, then the chemical is drained into the ocean to create passages that leads to the sea. The tides passing in and out of the lower sea tunnels forces cold water and air to flow into the upper passages providing a well ventilated, sanitized and cleansed halls and labyrinths.

The city has dome structures similar to a tall building and has the capacity to house 1000 families. There are rooms that are also capable of storing loads of food supplies and a variety of herbs are made available too to sustain life for a long span of time if the next fire sweeps over the earth again.

Records encrypted in gold tablets about the ancient reptilians and the origin of humankind is thought to be kept in the hidden rooms of the underground city. Shufelt said that he possess evidence of these gold tablets which one include a record from the Mayan civilization.

Concerns of the ground caving-in never stopped Shufelt to drill a 350 feet hole in the ground of Ft. Moore Hill where he believe a treasure room can be found. Shufelt mysteriously vanished and was never seen again in the face of the planet leaving any trace but his famous map of the underground city.

If the ancient underground city of the reptilians still remained unearthed until today, could it be possible that there are still surviving reptilians who live in the underground city? Or have they found a better way of hiding in plain sight and live again above the earth together with us humans?

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100 Century old rock portrait of Aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh, India


Long before the ancient Sumerians invented the first known form of writing to foretell their remarkable tales about the cosmos and extraterrestrial beings some 5 500 years ago, the early humans of Chhattisgarh, India have already been depicting their own alien and UFO encounters inside the walls of their caves.

The lavishing cultural heritage of Chhattisgarh is found in the center of India. The place is a tourist magnet for its archeological sites, ancient temples, magnificent waterfalls, caves and prehistoric rock paintings which date some 10 000 years back.

india-aliens-2These infamous cave paintings confused the experts of Charama Kanker district in Chhattisgarh because some of the carved images seen under caves in the village of Chandeli and Gotitola closely resemble of how a modern alien and UFO figures look like. This is what makes the cave paintings and carvings very mystifying to peoples’s eyes. The figures do not show a clear picture of the nose and the mouth of the alien figure and in some images they appear to be wearing a space-like suit. Archeologist JR Bhagat believes that this depiction by early humans of alien images into their prehistoric carvings suggests that extraterrestrial beings might have been visiting them, or the pre-historic people of Chhattisgarh had a very wild imagination. The figures also seemed to be holding a weapon-like spear in some of the images. The rock-paintings also has a three legged aircraft-like object that look very close to how we describe modern UFOs. Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh Department of Archeology seeks the help of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Indian Space Research Organization for an extensive study of the alien carvings and understand the images in an expert viewpoint.

Some of the villagers have found a spiritual connection with the 10 000-year-old rock paintings and some even worshiped and offered prayers to it. Other residences tell stories from their ancestors of the “Rohela people” which means the “small-sized ones.” These beings visit the people Chhattisgarh through a round shaped flying vessel, and they take with them one or two people from the village who will never come back again. The Chandeli and Gotitola people believe that the cave paintings are the depiction of the Rohela people who have kept watch of their ancestors from the stars in the past.

The cave-paintings are made from natural pigments that have stayed unfading and have survived for thousands of years. There are so much more strange cave paintings around the world depicting unknown entities, and they are all worthy to be checked and studied by the hands of experts and hopefully come-up with a substantive explanation for the real stories behind the ancient’s magnificent piece of art.

Until today questions, still remain about how these 100-century old rock-paintings have a very sharp resemblance to modern alien and UFO images. The images and figures carved on the walls of Chhattisgarh’s caves clearly portray that something not of this earth is paying a visit to our planet.


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Amazing spheres with strange beings inside


Interesting video about a strange recordings of some kind of a spheres of UFOs with some kind of an alien beings inside.

Two of these cases have happened in Russia and one in Brazil

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Interesting UFO fleet filmed over Mount Valerian, France 17-Jul-2014

UFO fleet

Amazing footage of somekind of a UFO formation flying in the night sky above Mount Valerian, which is located  in Suresnes, a western Paris suburb, France. This was recorded on Thursday, 17th July 2014.

Witness report: I finally managed to get some footage with my brand new P8079HP Night Vision tube. I waited for a long time to get a clear sky, and the results are pretty amazing, despite the huge amount of streetlight where I live.

I wanna thank my dear “Night Vision friends” : UFO Lou, horsefarmer1000, and itakeyourphoto for their help, they have all been really patient and helpful… I had tons of questions, and they replied really nicely :-)

Author (WTFflow @ youtube)

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LUFOS updates


Dear readers of the Latest UFO Sightings!

The first month of our renewed website went great so far. But this renovation was not the only thing we did recently. Here are just a few important updates:

  • This weekend we moved the whole site to a new web host, which is a lot faster. LUFOS opens 50% faster then before!
  • We added a “Report” button under the posts. You can report a broken video and I will do the best to upload it again in a few days! You can also report hate speech in the comments and we will check it out!
  • We would like to do more for the global UFO/Alien community! If you are a researcher, writer, book author, etc. we would like to promote your work on our website. Please get in touch with us here!

So long!

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UFOs land in France

ufos in france

A witness claims that his video shows UFOs landing in a forest in southern France. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed on this episode:

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2014 crop circles: Netherlands and UK

crop circles

Here are four new reports about crop circles that were found in Netherlands and United Kingdom.

  • July 16; Etten Leur and Roosendaal, Netherlands

  • July 16; Forest Hill, near Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

  • July 17; The Forests Way, near Roydon, Essex, UK

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