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The biggest surprises of the 2014 Crop Circles

2014 crop circle season in England has brought great surprises. The circles do not appear where they used to.  This amazing season is presented in the video below by Fernando Correa (Tercer Milenio). Continue reading

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Latest UK crop circles

Here are the latest formations found in United Kingdom:

July 27; Parkers Hill Plantation near Cherington, Gloucestershire
July 29; Green Street, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire
July 30; Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire

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Unidentified flying object caught on tape near Area 51 – July 2014

This UFO sighting was allegedly recorded in Nevada (near Area 51) by a tourist. The witness said she was filming out of the bus windows while this strange object flew by. Filmed in late July 2014.

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Flying saucer caught on tape over New York – April 2014

Melvin Harris from New York is constantly recording amazing UFO videos. On 27th April 2014 he caught this interesting flying saucer:

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Fast orbs filmed over Berkshire, UK 29-Jul-2014

New footage of a daytime UFO sighting filmed in the sky above Berkshire, United Kingdom. This was taken on Tuesday, 29th July 2014. Witness report: Three ‘orbs’ fly above cloud level over Berkshire, appearing within just 45 seconds of each other. Ist orb appear top right of screen at 3.03, second travels down from top [...] Continue reading

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Black UFO Passes Across Between Earth and the Moon

On rare super moon event on July 12, it became stranger when an unidentified flying object was spotted and captured in a video passing by the lunar surface. The video shows a black circle flying across the moon. Based on the quality of the video, it seems that the videographer was equipped with high-tech tools [...] Continue reading

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Unidentified flying objects flying over Sydney, Australia 27-Jul-2014

New footage of a multiple UFO sightings in the daytime sky above Sydney in Australia. This was recorded with InfraRed camera on Sunday, 27th July 2014.

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UFO Sighting Reports Near Port City In Turkey Increase In July

Turkish UFO researchers claim they have received many reports about UFO sightings near Bodrum’s port city in July. Bodrum is a district and port city on the southwestern coast of the nation. Sirus UFO, a Turkey-based research organization, say that this area has been the hotbed for UFO sightings this month. The organization posted many [...] Continue reading

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Former Megadeth drummer films UFO over Studio City, California 14-Jul-2014

Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza films UFO from his front yard in Studio City, California. This was recorded on 14th July 2014 around 11 pm.
What do you think about this UFO video? Real or just a CGI? Please leave your comment below!

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Gigantic Hole in Siberia Creates Rumor On Crashed UFO + Update!

A big opening has been discovered in northern Siberia, a place already labelled by locals as “the end of the world.” Nobody can explain where it originated and how deep. It specifically appeared in Yamal peninsula and it is around 80 meters wide. The sinkhole could be the widest ever spotted and could also be [...] Continue reading

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